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Time rarely stands still at Clockworks


By David Elliott – bio | email

BAY ST LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Twenty-five years ago, Terry Downs served an apprenticeship with a Master Clockmaker in Tampa, FL. After learning all about the inner workings of clocks, she struck out on her own and opened Full Moon Clockworks in Bay St. Louis.

"I really enjoy bringing a clock back to life," said Downs.

Her shop is filled with clocks waiting to be restored. Clocks, especially antique time pieces, are amazing mechanical devices. Gears turn, a pendulum swings and the clock runs on time.

The problem is, there are only a handful of clockmakers in our area. Downs said it's becoming a dying craft.

"It makes me feel bad. I'm afraid that this is going away, and nobody will be able to fix clocks anymore."

When you walk into Terry's shop, you're surrounded by the steady sound of tick tock mixed with a variety of chimes and bells

"That's the sound of success. When you hear those sounds, everything is going well," said Downs.

People get very attached to clocks. In many cases, time pieces have been passed down from generation to generation.

"As soon as I call a customer and tell them their clock is fixed, they waste little time running over to pick it up," said Downs.

Full Moon Clockworks is located at 301 Railroad Avenue in Bay St. Louis. The number is (228) 467-4345.

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