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Oil spill does create some economic opportunity


By Doug Walker – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's move in day for the Sherman's. Boxes are hauled, and the moving truck is a flurry of activity. Jeff Sherman works for a company that sells and services diesel engines. 

With the spill in the Gulf, his company has something to offer the hundreds of boats which are now working in the waters of the Gulf. Sherman said the future looks good, too.  

"We, as a company, see this as a growth opportunity not necessarily because of the oil spill, but for the overall growth opportunity," Sherman said. "So we're opening an office in New Orleans and moving some people down here." 

Conor Sherman helps with the unpacking, and so far he likes what he sees on the coast.  

"Compared to Michigan, it's real low-key and quiet. I like it," Conor said.

Coming from Detroit, this family knows all about economic hardships in that city. Jeff Sherman hopes his family could help the coastal economy improve. 

"I'm excited to be in Mississippi, and I'm excited to partake in the society here. And hopefully we'll find that this was the right move to make."

As for Conor, he has set his own goals, the goals of a typical teenager.  

"Well, I expect to make a lot of friends, of course, and I want to play lacrosse, football and hockey down here," Conor said. 

So even with the hard work of creating a new life in a new state, the Sherman's are hoping they will thrive here while helping the coast thrive, as well.  

The Sherman family was considering moving to New Orleans, but after visiting the Mississippi coast, they all knew this was the place for them. And the fact that there's a youth hockey program on the coast helped seal the deal.

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