Former First Lady Still In Public Eye

Pat Fordice spent Tuesday at the Lifestyle Expo in Biloxi, promoting senior citizens, a cause close to her heart. Through a Blue Cross Blue Shield ad campaign called Ageless Heros , she spotlights seniors who don't let age slow them down.

"I think you can just stagnate and have nothing to get up for in the morning and nothing to live for if you don't continue with some of the things you've done as an active person," says Mrs. Fordice.

"Active" perfectly describes Mississippi's former first lady. It's been four years since she left the governor's mansion. Now she spends her days touting her home state and lending her name to issues she supports.

Mrs. Fordice's latest campaign targets litter bugs.  She says she is appalled that people trash our state.

"I cannot imagine why someone would throw something out. It's like soiling your own home because this is our home and when the Mississippi Department of Transportation asked me to do it, I really didn't hesitate. People don't want to come back to someplace that's dirty and Mississippi's too beautiful for us to do anything to mar that beauty."

One of Mrs. Fordice's biggest joys is mingling with people. She doesn't shy away from publicity, despite a very public divorce from the former Governor Kirk Fordice.

"I do believe if you're in a position, say a first lady, that people will listen to you more than someone else. So you need to take that opportunity to speak out on what you believe in."

Along with her many public appearances, Pat Fordice co-hosts a television show in Jackson called "Woman to Woman." And once a week she takes over the microphone at a Jackson radio station speaking on a variety of topics and inviting comments from callers.