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Restaurant owners fear oil in food chain will ruin business


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Reports of oil in the gulf seafood chain has some restaurant owners fearful. Thursday, Gulf Coast Research Lab scientists said they discovered tiny droplets of oil inside several samples of blue crab larvae.

"How long is it going to take before it gets out of the food chain? It is a one year deal or a 25 year deal," wondered Mike Majure, owner and head chef at Petit Bois Cafe in Pascagoula. "Are we going to become desolate down here on the Gulf Coast?" 

Majure said BP's oil spill has already forced him to buy certain fish from other parts of the country. He's also been paying double for the gulf seafood.  Now, the broken food chain could continue sinking the seafood industry. 

"We are resilient people down here in Mississippi. But we have been through Katrina, the recession, now BP." 

Another worry is that many customers will stop eating and buying seafood at the restaurants because they will be so afraid that all of it is contaminated. 

"If you don't have customers, then how do you pay the bills and stay in business?" Bozo's Seafood Owner Keith Delcambre asked.

Delcambre said he's is paying 30 percent more for his seafood these days. He feels best solution to save gulf seafood is for BP to move fast to plug the oil gusher. 

"We just need to stop it, and hopefully they can get it skimmed up and life will go on as we know," Delcambre said. 

These restaurant owners hope to weather this oil disaster, so they can continue serving fresh, clean, Gulf seafood in South Mississippi. 

"Every day is a waiting game, right now," Delcambre said. 

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