Watch clips from the special 'Coastal Crisis: What Lies Ahead?' - - The News for South Mississippi

Watch clips from the special 'Coastal Crisis: What Lies Ahead?'

April 20, 2010 - The day most of us first heard the name "Deep Water Horizon."

Now that we've lived with this Coastal Crisis for more than 70 days, we're beginning to wonder what's next. Once this massive oil blowout stops spewing into the Gulf, will our environment ever get back to the way it once was? Will the species of animals endangered by the spill survive? Will offshore workers, fishermen, and charter boat captains have jobs by the time this is all over?

These questions aren't easily answered, but as we've seen repeatedly through history, Louisianians are fighters. Those directly impacted by this man-made disaster are taking steps now to ensure the survival of their way of life, and those of us further inland are banding together in support of our coastal neighbors.

Our Raycom News Network partners in Louisiana took a closer look at the events of the last two months, and looked toward the future in their special report "Coastal Crisis: What Lies Ahead," which aired Thursday evening only on We've posted clips from the show, just in case you missed the live broadcast. 

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