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With the oil leak, South MS has more to offer tourists than Florida

An acquaintance of mine from the Florida Panhandle recently told me we were lucky here in South Mississippi. With the oil reaching our barrier islands and beaches I was not sure what he meant.

He explained it this way. Along the Florida panhandle you mainly have beautiful beaches and that's it. With the oily tar bars and goo threatening their beaches it is devastating to their tourist industry.

However in South Mississippi he explained you have so much more. You have world class casinos and big name entertainment on a weekly basis. You have some of the best seafood restaurants to be found anywhere in the country. You have numerous golf courses to fit the budget of anyone who wants to play 18 holes of golf. In addition you have the newly opened put-put golf course for the whole family to enjoy. You have a wonderful water park that offers a host of slides and fun for kids of all ages. Then you have two beautiful rivers to play in. The Wolf and the Pascagoula are some of the best in the country. You have the Walter Anderson Museum and the Lynn Meadows children museum.

So even with the oil impacting our beaches, our friend from Florida still is right. We have a lot to offer visitors to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In that sense we are fortunate.

Help our local tourism department get the word out that the Mississippi Gulf Coast is still open for business.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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