Local Nursing Home Pays Tribute To Mothers

83-year old Doris Dedeaux says she never turns down a good time.

If you ever have a chance to meet her, you will see that she is definitely the life of the party.

She said the high points of her life includes a handsome French Catholic.

"Oh, I was in love, and it didn't matter about my faith or his. I had to have that man. And later I was married had two children by that very man and that's the only man I ever had. And after him I didn't want no more. Wasn't that all right?" Dedeaux said.

Many of the residents of the Lakeview Nursing Home have hundreds of stories to tell, but Sunday was dedicated to the mothers, and Mrs. Dedeaux's daughter wouldn't miss it for the world.

"Just growing up with her there was never a dull moment. She just made things fun. Now that she's older, you learn to cherish these moments and enjoy the memories you have," Dedeaux's daughter Lynda Roden said.

And quite a few family members came out to cherish the moment and they were proud to share their appreciation of mom with the public.

"There's really not words to describe my mother. She's wonderful. She has always been there. She has 6 children. I have five brothers and sisters, and she's just always been there for us," Geraldine Perrone said.

"She's just been wonderful for all these years ever since we were little girls, and she's always made us laugh. That was the best quality -she always kept us laughing and made our family happy," Melissa Sams said.

"She always puts kids first and you know growing up with 9 kids, you can imagine we didn't have a lot but you never knew it," Zan Miller said.

And that's what being a mom is all about.

Happy Mother's Day to the millions of women who have positively touched lives all over the world.