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BP's workers battle bad weather to cleanup oil in Jackson Co.


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Tropical Storm Alex remains in the Gulf, and while it's not expected to make landfall in South Mississippi, it is causing other problems. The stormy weather we've been getting as a result of the tropical storm has been complicating oil cleanup in Jackson County. 

Under the dark skies at Lake Mars Landing, BP's cleanup workers continued scrubbing oily rocks and picking up the tar balls that have invaded the area. 

BP's Richard Judy says since oil began washing up Sunday, several cleanup crews have also been working to clean the oil off the coastal islands, as well as the Pascagoula and Belle Fountain beaches. 

"We are going to come out day, after day, after day, to get this job done. We are not going anywhere until the job is done," Judy said. 

Jackson County Officials said cleanup workers have picked up more than 3,000 pounds  of oil and tar balls in Jackson County since Sunday. But BP officials admit, weather has been a major hindrance to getting the job done. 

"There is fair amount of wave action going on, which is hampering our ability to get out and cleanup." 

 Judy said many of their clean up and containment operations were shut down Monday in the county due to rain and lighting. He said the workers have to work fast, but safe. 

"I have heard some people say it is like fighting a war in the oil is an enemy," Judy said about the oil spill. "Even if we work for the company responsible for this, we still feel a huge commitment and a tremendous amount of passion to try to get out and this taken care of." 

 "I think a lot of this could have been prevented," Desha Andrews said.

Folks like Desha Andrews and daughter Alyssa said rain or shine, they just want the nasty oil moved up and out of Jackson County as soon as possible. 

"Clean up the oil," Alyssa Andrews said. 

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