Long Beach Superintendent Resigns

For the tenth time in thirteen years, the Long Beach School district is looking to fill its superintendent position. Charles Lyle resigned at a school board meeting last night. At previous meetings many parents and students repeatedly criticized Lyle's policies and accused him of being unprofessional.

There were a lot of mixed emotions around town on Saturday. Charles Lyle took over as Long Beach superintendent in January of 2002. Since then, he has been surrounded by controversy but not everyone is convinced that Lyle's departure is in their children's best interest.

Keith Needle is sorry to see Lyle go. He knows Charles Lyle personally, and say he can't figure out why so many Long Beach parents weren't sold on Lyle as school Superintendent.

"I found him to be a very educated and stern individual that really believed in children's beliefs in a better school and a better education for children themselves," said Needle.

In front of the high school parents waited patiently for cheerleader practice to end. Some weren't surprised that Lyle's time as superintendent ended because they say he didn't listen to the advice or concerns of the community.

Long Beach parent Daenell Cuevas said "Even though he's tried to do good things for our school, he's just not realized that the parents and the children are who he needs to be focused around."

Some parents say in the last decade leadership in the school system has been inconsistent and with the latest resignation they're not sure what's ahead for Long Beach and its children.

"I just feel like in Long Beach we need some stability," said Brenda Walker. "We've had too many changes in the last few years and it's hard to be a parent or a teacher and have constant change going on so stability would be a wonderful thing to have here for awhile."

School officials say assistant superintendent Pat Donald will take over immediately as the interim superintendent but declined to say anything regarding Lyle's departure.

WLOX News was unable to reach Charles Lyle for comment.