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Why couldn't the oil be stopped at our barrier islands?

The past several days we have seen oil coming ashore in South Mississippi. This is something we all had hoped would never happen.

To some extent oil has been found along the shoreline in all three coastal counties. In some cases it's a light sheen, but in other cases it's thick, globs of oily goo that sticks. Until BP caps its spewing well in the Gulf, we can expect to see more.

Our question is, why couldn't the oil be stopped at the barrier islands? We knew the oil was approaching, it didn't just appear. Why weren't more resources put into play to keep the oil from coming ashore?

We agree with Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran who said, "It's absolutely outrageous. Obviously nothing is being coordinated." Mayor Moran reported seeing only one, non-working skimmer on her tour of the Mississippi Sound Saturday.

Where are all the skimmers that are suppose to be gathering oil? And why aren't the resources that are out there better coordinated?

Maybe the answer is what Governor Haley Barbour announced,that the state will build 24 skimmers that will only work in our waters. But, it will still be a few weeks before all those skimmers are ready to deploy.

Until a more aggressive approach is taken, we will continue to see something that we never wanted to see, oil on our beaches.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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