Bayview Avenue Project Faces May 19 Deadline

Construction workers don't have a lot of time. They have a little over a week, to finish widening a three-quarter mile stretch of Bayview Avenue in Biloxi .

Chet Nadolski is vice president of Yates Construction. The company is supervising the widening work on Biloxi's Back Bay.

Nadolski said "We're finishing up on the striping. We got a little bit of landscaping to do, and then just the general cleanup. We're continuing to work through the punch list, and getting the project ready".

Wilbert Holland is the "unofficial" supervisor of the project. He lives just off the new road, and often checks on its progress.

Holland said "I grew up playing on the road.  I like the new road. We've been needing this for years and years, because I used to drive it, every night from the shipyard. It could be a big improvement".

The road to building the new Bayview Avenue hasn't always been smooth. Construction crews did run into a number of roadblocks, mainly from Mother Nature.

Chet Nadolski said "We've had quite a few storms and weather events, namely Tropical Storm Isidore, followed by two other storms. In fact, while this was under construction, separate occasions, the site was under water for a period of about a week".

These days, the only water you see on Bayview is used to spruce up the landscaping as crews put on the finishing touches. Nadolski said "We're quite certain it's going to be ready, in fact, a week ahead of schedule".

The entire project costs about $6.5 million. The old Bayview Avenue will keep its name. As for the new road, the mayor recommends naming it Back Bay Boulevard. The city planning commission could make a decision before the May 19th deadline.