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BP's oil spill hits Pascagoula's new sand beach


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - BP's oil spill has made its way to Pascagoula's new sand beach. 

Instead of beachgoers, BP's contract workers packed Pascagoula's beachfront this weekend. They're cleaning up oil and tar balls that have washed up in the sand. 

"It disgusts me, it really disgusts me," resident John Perry said.   

"It can't get any worse," resident Keith Delcambre said about the oil. 

Citizens are also angry about this BP's monster oil spill because $12.4 million was recently spent expanding Pascagoula's sand beach. 

"I just got a sick feeling in my gut," Delcambre said. 

"I am kind of hoping that it is all we get to see. I hoping we don't see any more," Perry said about tar balls on the beach.

Along with cleanup efforts, BP said it will be putting more boom in the water to protect our coastline and doing more flyovers to check our waters. 

Folks say after 69 days of oil spewing into the Gulf, they are starting to wonder if BP's work will be in vain for this area. 

"I think they are doing all they can to contain it.  It is not in their hands, so how can they control something that is not in their hands," Delcambre said. 

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