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People gather to promote the stop of offshore drilling


By Jessica Bowman – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's an effort to promote Clean Energy across the world. The group Hands Across the Sand held many events Saturday throughout the magnolia state and the world. As Jessica Bowman found out those campaigning hope their voices speak out against off shore drilling.

People gathered at the beach in Gulfport to promote clean energy.

Jean Bacuzzi said, "I think this oil spill is horrific. This is why I'm here to support all the groups that are anti-drilling in this deep water."

Jean Bacuzzi has lived near the water for many years and considers herself an environmentalist. She said what people don't realize is off shore drilling has a lasting effect.

"In every decision that we make we should consider the affect it will have on seven generations down," said Jean Bacuzzi.

Clean energy promoters like Hands Across the Sand State Coordinator Rachel Guillory brought signs that said, "clean energy" and painted simple messages that all relate to stopping off shore oil drilling.

Rachel Guillory said, "This is not the first oil spill that's going to happen and it's not the last and it really is time to transition to clean energy."

Gatherings like this one were self organized by people who are concerned about the oil disaster and were held in a number of locations.

D.C., Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, Pensacola I mean people from even like Malaysia and Indonesia," said Rachel Guillory.

Bacuzzi said there is only one way for the drilling to end and that's through the voices of campaigners.

Jean Bacuzzi said, "I am hoping that the federal government and our local leaders all along the coast will see this as people wanting you know clean energy and a clean environment."

Organizers said they plan to have more events like this one along the coast.

Other Hands Across the Sand events were held in Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

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