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Seized dogs available for adoption Monday

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Dozens of dogs seized earlier this month will be available for adoption beginning Monday. The Humane Society of South Mississippi took in 99 dogs June 10 taken from a home in Saucier. The shelter was already full with homeless pets, so HSSM worked to find permanent and emergency foster homes for 206 pets since June 11.

HSSM found permanent homes for 71 animals. Monday, the 135 dogs that went out on foster will be available for adoption beginning Monday.

"The weekend was incredible," said Jode' Braxton-Hignight, Development Director for HSSM. "So, many animals are receiving a second chance at life by finding adoptable homes. Many others are receiving the love, care, and medication they need in order to become healthy enough to find their forever homes."

For the first few days after the massive influx of dogs, HSSM stopped accepting animals from the public and local animal control agencies. Executive Director, Tara High said it was the first time in the shelters history it had so many animals under the care of HSSM.

"With over 500 animals we were just unable to accept animals and to be able to give those we had a second chance." "We had to focus all of our efforts and resources to getting those animals out of our shelter," High said.

HSSM credits community support and the local media for supporting these animals and helping to find homes and providing blanket and towels that were needed.

Humane Society of South Mississippi still has animals available for adoption and foster. Money is still needed to provide medical treatment for the raid animals. Please call HSSM at 863-3354 for more information on how you can help.

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