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BP Crews clean up tar balls off Petit Bois Island

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX)-BP said is committed to cleaning up all the tar balls and patties that have washed ashore on Petit Bois Island. BP said the cleanup is well underway.   Patrice Clark traveled to the island for a closer look at what's being done to remove the tar balls and patties from the sand and water. 

Hundreds of tar balls and tar patties are scattered along beautiful Petit Bois Island. Forty of  BP's contract workers are scooping up the black stuff in these plastic bags to get it out the sand. 

"We are using pitch forks, with screens on it, so we can leave all the natural resources in place," BP contractor Douglas Kirchoff said. "We're picking up as much as oil as we can." 

"As soon as we hear something is onshore or in the water, we want to be putting our full resources behind that to get that cleaned up," BP information officer Lisa Houghton said. 

Cleanup crews said about 50,000 pounds of tar balls have been picked up off of Petit Bois Island. The sizes vary from nickels all the way to pancakes.  

"We have had them on here before a few weeks. We had crews out here cleaning that up. Then we got new report yesterday, with more coming onshore," Houghton said. 

 Different shape balls and patties are showing up more on the Southside of the island. BP officials say the substance is not toxic. 

"A lot of what is coming onshore is weathered; the toxicity is gone from it." 

  This latest oil sighting on the island is bad news for BP. Now 66 days into this Coastal Crisis, and there is a strong chance more oil could float our way. 

"This is just heartbreaking. We certainly did not want this to happen," BP said. 

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