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Jury has been seated in the Longo embezzlement trial

By WLOX Staff

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A jury was seated Tuesday afternoon to hear the embezzlement trial of Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo.  Longo is accused of making more than $1,100 in illegal purchases from October 2008 through September 2009.

Earlier it appeared jury selection would go into a second day, as attorneys questioned 73 people in the jury pool. Assistant District Attorney W. Crosby Parker and defense attorney Don Rafferty quizzed potential jurors about whether they knew or were related to Longo or anyone else involved in the case. 

They were also asked whether anyone had an ex-husband or ex-wife in the jury pool.  Potential jurors also had to disclose whether they had bumper stickers on their cars. The Mayor is accused of using his city issued gasoline card to purchase fuel for his personal vehicle. 

Some of the questions to the jury offered a glimpse into the defense strategy.Longo's attorney asked members of the jury pool if they believed a public official was on the job 24/7 and whether any of them had ever approached a public official at the movies or a store to ask a question.  

After the jury was seated, the judge heard arguments about one of the people on the prosecution's witness list, a temporary city clerk who prompted authorities to investigate Longo.   The defense argued the witnesses credibility is questionable, after her tips led to two other investigations found no wrongdoing. The prosecution argued those investigations have no bearing on this case.

WLOX Reporter Elizabeth Vowell is in court and will have the latest on jury selection later on WLOX News and wlox.com.

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