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Food pantries and soup kitchens need your help

Usually we think of local soup kitchens or food pantries needing help in the middle of winter and during the holidays. But the truth is they need help all year long. And there is a dire need right now, with some of our neighbors losing income or jobs because of the BP oil leak, they are turning to food pantries and soup kitchens for help.

This week the United Way of South Mississippi is urging all of us to "help stock the shelves" of our local food pantries. All you need to do is drop off your donation at the food pantry or soup kitchen in your community.

Remember that the items you drop off need to be dry goods like cereal, powdered milk, dried beans, rice, and cans of fruit, vegetables and meat. Of course these are just a few suggestions, you probably have some items on your own kitchen shelves that you might want to give.

Remember we don't have to wait until the Thanksgiving or Christmas season to help out our fellow man. The United Way is urging you to help stock the shelves now. So that our friends and neighbors who are in need of a helping hand up will find it.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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