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Jackson County residents question BP's Coastal Crisis response

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX)- BP officials came face to face with more than one hundred South Mississippians ready to ask questions about the oil leak.  State and federal response agencies were also on hand for this informational meeting in Moss Point. As Patrice Clark reports, some folks say they didn't get their questions answered.  

Longtime fisherman Earl Ryan and his son Dennis said they've been waiting for BP to let them put their boats on the water to help fight this Coastal Crisis. 

"They keep saying they will call you back in a week and they don't call you back," Ryan said. 

So the father and son came out Monday night to get answers. 

"They ain't really saying a whole lot." 

Now day 63 of this oil spill, BP officials said they understand the citizen's frustrations. They're working to get those who applied jobs in South Mississippi. 

"We know we're having an impact on people on the coast; their income, their work, and we want to make that right," Internal Communication Director Lisa Houghton said. 

 BP was not the only agencies getting hammered with oil related questions; the Coast Guard got its fair share. 

 The Environmental Protection Agency also did its best to answer air sampling matters.  Although the folks at the meeting had some tough question, BP said it wants the response to be as transparent as possible during this Coastal Crisis. 

"This is a terrible accident. We want to take responsibility for it, and we are taking responsibility for it," Houghton said. 

During the meeting, BP said it received nearly 7,000 claims in Mississippi. The company paid $11.9 million to residents.

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