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Jackson County company shows off new product to help cleanup oil leak

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If BP's crude oil leak invades South Mississippi, a Jackson County company says it has a product to clean up the mess. Advanced Contaminant Recovery US says it bought the rights to an environmentally friendly product.

The oil cleaning product is called Revocerit.  Company Owner Wayne Cook said it's a strong defense to help fight this Coastal Crisis. 

"It is a polymer based product, which also makes it great for green technology," Cook said. 

Here's how the product works; the white powder goes in oily water, marsh, or on sand beaches. In minutes, the product clings to the oil and cleans the polluted areas. 

"It is going to bind to the outside of the molecules," said Cook.

 Cook said the oily mess can then be scooped up, and brought to a centrifuge machine. 

The device separates the water and oil. Cook said the process also gets rid of any oil residue in the water and sand. 

"The water is clean enough to go back into the ocean," said Cook.

This is not just a onetime product; this stuff can be over, and over, and over, again on water and on the beach. 

"The product can be reused up to 20, 25 times. By using centrifuge, you are able to get the oil back," Cook said.

"It works very well," Raymond Davis said. 

 Raymond Davis works with the company and said the recyclable product is safe and EPA approved.  He also pointed out that they recently offered BP to buy the product. 

"Absolutely Patrice, I would love to see that BP  and that our local government step up and understand what the product is capable of, and how we can assist in the recovery of the oil," Davis said.

The company said it also has a sand and soil remediation tool called "Green Earth Machine" that will be used to help with clean up efforts in Alabama.

For more information about this product, call (228)934-2440.

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