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Biloxi church members help a family rebuild after a house fire

By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The congregation from Amazing Grace Ministries is reaching out to a family in Biloxi to help them get back on their feet. After a devastating house fire in May left them with no power or air condition the family is still surviving inside the home. As Jessica Bowman reports church volunteers said they are blessed to be helping someone in need.

On a hot summer day Richard Garrett sits in the living room looking at pictures still framed that survived the house fire.

Richard Garrett said, "it reminds you of the good times. Also wants to make you cry sometimes." 

As he looks around the home he has lived in with his sister and elderly mother for many years it's in disarray.

"We had a kitchen fire. I made hash browns that morning for my mom. Went back to sleep about 6:30 or 7 o'clock that morning and I heard a smoke alarm going off and I went and put the kitchen fire out," said Richard Garrett.

What Garrett did not know is the fire had reached the attic and quickly spread.

"Smoke was everywhere. So I gathered mom up hit the van called 911," said Richard Garrett.

That's when Biloxi fireman and Pastor of Amazing Grace Ministries Jason Davis arrived on scene. Davis talked amongst the church congregation and as a whole decided they wanted to extend their ministry outside the church walls.

"They got very excited about coming over trying to get this house back together so this family can be back to living in the ac and power," said Pastor Jason Davis.

As charred wiring dangled, church volunteer and certified electrician Levon Jenkins held a light up to the ceiling where smoke destruction could be seen.

Levon Jenkins said, "The first thing was to get the city to come say what they wanted to see before we could get the power back on. And they pretty much said you've got to tear the whole service out and start all over again."

Jenkins has been working to remove all electrical wiring so it can be replaced and meet the city code. Davis said with the help of church volunteers other repairs on the outside are complete..

Pastor Jason Davis said, "The roof has already been fixed and replaced and there was a hole for ventilation that was cut into the roof, but the shingles have been replaced."

Church members said by the end of the week the family should have their power and ac back on.

Richard Garrett said, "I think Jesus Christ himself landed right there in the drive way."

Garrett's mother who owns the house is currently in the Intensive Care Unit. She was taken to the hospital after experiencing heat stress within the past month. If you would like to help out the family in any way you can call Amazing Grace Ministries at 228-323-6222.

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