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Long Beach goes local


Some people might say, a tomato is a tomato, but Betty Johnson isn't one of those people.

"Oh yes, Oh yes, I'm a master gardener, and I know the difference between a store bought vegetable and a homegrown one," Betty Johnson said. "Also my daughter only eats organic, so I try to buy the organic ones."

Real Food Gulf Coast is a non-profit organization that helps support local farmers. They started the Long Beach Farmer's market back in April. Every Saturday, vendors show up to sell their fruits and vegetables, rain or shine.

Dita McCarthy is the manager and co-founder.

"It's been wonderful. We've just been thrilled," McCarthy said. "The people of Long Beach especially were just thrilled to have a local foods, farmers market, and they're very excited because of Long Beach's history as a truck farmer center, radish capital of the world. They hadn't had one here in so long."

Shoppers can also pick up homemade jams, breads, cheeses and more. Vendors say customers have been flocking to the market to support the local farmers.

Janet Gordon -Farmer [Notes:4043] It keeps us in business. I have a market garden and a farm so this is to support that. And we are not trucking in things so people can come get things picked last night. We picked blueberries last night and corn so I think it's just a great situation on both sides. We're able to sell at retail and make a little more than most farmers and still deliver a wonderful product that's fresh and locally grown.

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