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CTA'S Dump the Pump day helps people go green


By Elizabeth Vowell – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Every fifteen minutes the bus rolled around to the Biloxi Coast Transit Authority, like it does everyday. However, when people boarded Thursday, they had a pleasant surprise. The CTA was celebrating their annual Dump the Pump day to promote public transportation.

"Dump the Pump day is a great day to come out and ride free and try us and see if you like us and give us some feedback and tell us what you think," CTA Executive Director Kevin Coggin said.

The CTA usually has about 2,100 passengers every day. Each year during 'Dump the Pump' around 3,000 people jump on to take advantage of the free rides. According to Coggin, riding the bus can save money, even when the ride isn't free.

"It can save you about $9,000 a year if you eliminate a car out of your family and use public transportation," Coggin said.

According to Coggin, saving money isn't they only reason they hold 'Dump the Pump' day, it's also important to reduce the use of fossil fuels, especially with the coastal crisis looming over the coast. He said that riding the bus is a good way to be environmentally friendly.

Regular rider Claude Payne was excited to have a free ride, but he said he's usually on the bus anyway.

"I ride the CTA all the time, as many as five times a day sometimes. I'm going to take this free ride just to be doing it because CTA's been good to me," Payne said.

Payne said the CTA bus system is his main source of transportation. A surgery left him unable to drive, so he depends on the bus to get where he needs to go.

The CTA bus system runs on five fixed routes that run through five cities in Harrison and Jackson counties.

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