Council Votes Against Censure/Resignation Resolutions

Four weeks ago, the first calls came for Gulfport Mayor Ken Combs' resignation.

Tuesday, the Gulfport City council had its first opportunity to vote on two resolutions - one from councilwoman Ella Holmes Hines, the other from the Gulfport NAACP. Both called for a censure, and a request from the council to ask the mayor to step down.

After much discussion, the vote was the same on both resolutions - four opposed, one in favor. Ella Holmes Hines was the only one voting for the censure and resignation. Councilmen Richard Rose and Ricky Dombrowski were absent.

In an interview after the vote, the mayor told WLOX News it is time for the city to move on to other business.

"Put yourself in my shoes, I have been punished enough, and I have things to do for the city. After Thursday night, I will be about doing that. I am not going to spend the rest of my life moving out and apologizing to people," Mayor Ken Combs said.

The reference the mayor made to Thursday night is a meeting he will attend at the Isiah Fredericks Community Center to talk about flooding problems in North Gulfport.

Council President Jimmie Jenkins said he plans to present a resolution at the next council meeting asking for a censure of the mayor, but not his resignation.