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Man builds in ground home

Aluminum structure on top is a storage facility. The house is underneath, in ground. Aluminum structure on top is a storage facility. The house is underneath, in ground.

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PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It looks like an underground bomb shelter, but it's actually a house. There is a metal building on top of the house is strictly for storage.

"We come out pretty good with Camille, but when Katrina come, we lost everything we had at our other house," Hancock County and Pearl River County Resident Ray Ladner said. "We had nine foot of water in it. We didn't have no where to lay our heads, and I've got grand kids and stuff like that. And I want them to have a place to go from now on when ever a storm comes, so they won't be in danger."

Ladner said he felt helpless immediately after Katrina because his family had no where to live. He vowed that his family would never be in that predicament again. That's when he came up with an idea.

The Lakeshore man bought property in Pearl River county and built an underground safe house. Now, he has a place to evacuate if another storm threatens the coast.

"We dug the hill out, put our slab in, put an eight inch wall around it with rebar all in it. And it's got like 140 yards of concrete into the building itself," Ladner said.

He said he put steel beams in the ceiling structure which makes the house practically in-destructible.

"I'd say 200, 250 mile an hour even more because the wind can't get to it," Ladner said. "It's got to go over the top of us. The only thing that would really destroy us would be an earthquake."

It took Ladner and his relatives about a year to build the one bedroom shelter. It comes complete with all of the modern conveniences of home, and it only cost the family about $50,000 to build.

"I knew it would be a safe place for my family for the rest of their lives. It will last here a long time. It was something I really enjoyed building because it was something of importance," Ladner said.

Ladner said the under ground house is also extremely energy efficient.

He says it can be 90 degrees outdoors, but inside the temperature stays in the 70's , even when they're not using A/C.

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