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DMR test coast shrimp for contamination


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - On a bright sunny morning, The Department of Marine Resources' research boat set sail to Jackson County for some shrimp sampling.

"We do this particular sampling weekly to determine the safety of the seafood product," DMR'S Joe Jewell said.

On this trip, environmental techs have the hard job of catching the sea creatures. Jewell is making sure the trawling goes as planned. Once the crew got to Jackson County, the men dropped the huge net. In 15 minutes they pulled up dozens of shrimp and a even a few fish out of the Mississippi Sound.

"We will take a sample of the shrimp and put it in aluminum foil," Jewell said.

The environmental crew then took the shrimp to freeze it in a mini chest. The shrimp are being delivered to the state chemistry lab to be examined for contamination. DMR said the seafood on the Mississippi coast is clean and healthy, for now. Jewell knows things could change, so that's why DMR and other health agencies are constantly at sea.

"It is important to provide the public with a since of safety and to let the public know the seafood product here along the Gulf Coast is safe, safe to eat and safe to buy."

DMR says results from the shrimp testing should be available in a week.

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