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Obama's vow to restore coast is a battle we can't afford to lose

We appreciate that President Barack Obama finally came to South Mississippi this week and met with some of us impacted by the BP oil leak. It gave the President a chance to see first hand how the spewing oil in the Gulf of Mexico is affecting our community on many levels.

And we applaud President Obama for taking a hard stand with BP in his address to the nation, demanding BP set up a trust fund to help those of us the leak is negatively affecting economically.

However the President cannot answer the two main questions coast residents ask each day . First, when will the spewing oil be stopped? Until the leak is stopped the environmental crisis continues to grow each day. Secondly, how soon can the oil be cleaned up? The President couldn't give a time frame, but did promise the Gulf will be restored to better shape than it was before the leak.

While we would like to believe that, it is hard to imagine marshes covered with oily goo ever being as pristine as they once were. But, President Obama has chosen former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus, a man we consider a good fit for the difficult battle of helping restore the coast. It is a battle we cannot afford to lose, for it impacts our lives and way of life, not only now, but for many generations to come.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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