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Oil spill causing real hardship for coast motels


By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's quiet outside the Edgewater Inn. In fact, too quiet. There is something visible that is rarely seen this time of year, empty parking spaces. That means empty rooms and very little incoming money which leaves motel manager Trish Adamic wondering about her own financial future.

"My main concern is how are the owners going to be able to take care of payroll when we're actually dead, and we don't have anything." Adamic said. "Normally, last year what we made carried us over into the winter months, but we don't have that right now. So how is it going to affect our jobs?" 

Missy Bennett owns the motel. In the past few days, two family reunions and one wedding have canceled, despite the fact Missy tells them the beaches are oil free.

"And we said, 'Well we don't have any of this.' And they said, 'But you might have it then.' And of course you can't guarantee that you're not going to have it." 

Karen Potter has worked at the Edgewater Inn for two decades and has seen down times before. But nothing that has even made her wonder about the coast's future.

"If the oil continues and continues, where is it all going to go, what's going to happen," Potter asked. "Is this going to end up being a ghost town one day? I do worry about that." 

In a case of bitter irony, employees here at the Edgewater Inn think this oil catastrophe is eerily reminiscent of another catastrophe that happened almost five years ago. Missy Bennett remembers well. 

"The idea that they've survived Katrina with us and maybe would have their jobs threatened by something they have no control over, that we have no control over, it's very disheartening and nerve racking." 

But those nerves might be soothed if their parking lot had a few more cars in the coming weeks. 

Missy Bennett said she was pleased with the President's response and came away from the meeting feeling that Mr. Obama now understands the real financial pain that coast businesses are going through.

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