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Shopping center may get new life


By Al Showers – bio | email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - There is no hiding it. The storm damaged shopping center is a mess. Glass doors are broken. There are gaping holes in the building, and the inside is even worse. There are ceiling tiles falling and light fixtures still flapping in the wind.

Waveland Ward One Councilwoman Lili Stahler said, "This is a shopping center that is in deplorable condition and has been this way since Katrina, which is almost five years."

Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo said, "This is by far the largest cleanup project we have left from hurricane Katrina. It's the biggest nuisance property we have left."

The city's fire chief backs that up saying the building is a fire and safety hazard.

"Besides looking bad as a first impression of Waveland, it's a risk," Stahler said.

The previous owner of the property recently sold the shopping center to a local investment group.

Underground tanks from a gas station that was once here leaked, sparking an expensive EPA clean-up on the site.

With that not longer an obstacle, may Longo said this property is now marketable and local realtors are trying to do just that.

"They want to move it fast. They want to turn it over, get viable property owners and viable businesses for the economy," Longo said. "So, I'm excited about it for a change."

Until that happens, city leaders want to see the building cleaned up and secured. The new owners have the property up for sale for $1.9 million.

The realtor handling the sale told WLOX the building may look bad but engineers have certified it to be structurally sound.

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