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Hancock County EOC gets staging equipment


HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hancock County EOC Bryan Adam delivered good news during his daily oil spill meeting Tuesday morning.

"We just had some equipment put in a staging area down at Bayou Caddy; a couple of skid loaders, a couple of vac trucks, a couple of light towers, stuff that we requested to be in Hancock County before anything hits, so we'll have at least something to start fighting it if it happens to hit here," Adam said.

That equipment didn't come easily. Leaders here have fought for weeks to get BP to stage some equipment in the county.

"Mobilizing is being prepared, and that's what everybody here is doing, by the questions we ask and by the request we put in," Adam said.

Within days of the rig disaster, the EOC started its own patrol unit to search for unusual sightings along the beach.

The county is also regularly sending EOC representatives to southern Louisiana to learn from successes and failures there.

The EOC's handling has earned accolades from the Governor's office and EOC's across the state.

"In the midst of the chaos, you're keeping a steady hand on everything and your leadership is very much appreciated by all," said attorney and National Guard Member Pat Sanders in an email sent to Adam.

Adam said, "It's not just me. It's everyone here that makes these meetings, and I certainly appreciate all the compliments."

"We're running unified command. U. C. means the two cities and county are working together, and that's what it's all about."

Waveland Patty Sullilove attends the daily EOC meeting faithfully...

"First and foremost, I lived on the beach, and the beach is very important to me," Waveland Resident Patty Sullilove. "The different responses and the different reports have really been interesting to me, and it's made me feel more secure about what's going on with this spill."

Approximately 60 to 70 people, mostly government representatives, attend the daily meetings.

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