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Caring people save the lives of countless dogs


By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - When 99 seized dogs showed up at the shelter last week, it changed everything.  Action was taken that has never been done before said Tara High, the executive director. "It was critical enough that we had to shut our doors.

High said, "We were overwhelmed beyond anything we have experienced before."  

At one point during the overcrowding crisis, conditions got so bad at the Humane Society, they actually had to open up the multi-purpose meeting room to handle the extra animals. 

But High said in the space of just a few days, a miracle of sorts happened; something shelter officials have never seen before. 

"We have been able to move over 200 dogs out of the shelter in a three day period because our community has responded. 137 were fostered, and then we had 71 animals that were adopted which has freed up the space necessary for us to now start looking at getting back to normal operations." 

Robin Ornsbey is a volunteer at the shelter. It was a time she won't soon forget. 

"We did our best just to make them as comfortable as possible," Ornsbey said. "Give them food and attention and walk them." 

But why the help from those who, until now, had no connection to the shelter or its animals.  High has a theory. 

"So many people care about animals in our community, and they responded." 

And that response undoubtedly saved the lives of countless dogs.

Early in the day on Tuesday, shelter officials opened the doors for new dogs brought in by animal control officers. They hope to allow dogs brought in by the public by Thursday.

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