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Dogs adopted and fostered out to families



By Jessica Bowman – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - More than 40 dogs have a new temporary home.  After a seizure on Thursday of more than 90 dogs the Humane Society of South Mississippi is temporarily closed to all animals, but is open to all new parents. As Jessica Bowman reports Humane Society officials said the community is coming together in this time of need. 

As volunteers in the back help keep dogs fed, bathed and medicated, others up front are keeping the foster and adoption process at a steady pace.

Jode Braxton Hignight said, "We have had an influx of adopters and what is rare is all of our adopter families are coming in looking for the dogs that are least likely to be adopted."

Jode Braxton Hignight from the Humane Society of South Mississippi said although the shelter has reached its limit of more than 400 animals and cannot accept anymore at this time, the community is pulling together and fostering is going better than expected.

Jode Braxton Hignight said, "In four hours we have put 35 dogs out on foster. Two foster families that will be hold them for up to 14 days that will be giving them love, giving them TLC, giving them medication."   

Brandy Milam is now a foster mom. She is taking six year old Molly home for the first time.

Brandy Milam said, "It just gives the dog a chance to have a break from the shelter and it allows them to have more space here so they can accommodate the dogs they seized."

Volunteers told Milam, Molly does not suffer from any major injuries, but she is a little stressed from her previous living conditions. Milam said there are a few guidelines you must follow to become a foster parent.

Brandy Milam said, "You just have to love her, feed, give her all the care that she needs and give her a good home."

Minutes after Milam signed the fostering papers to take Molly home with her she is reminded adoption is always an option.

Volunteer said, "Your return date is the 26th of June unless you fall in love with her and you want to make her yours."

Jode Braxton Hignight said, "People are just wanting to help these animals get a second chance at life."

A total of 55 dogs were fostered and  28 were adopted on Saturday. 

Humane Society officials said the shelter will be closed Sunday, but will reopen back on Monday.

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