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Northrop Grumman shows off its newest warship

 By Patrice Clark – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) – Northrop Grumman showed off its newest warship that will support work to keep our country safe. On this sunny Saturday, The U.S.S San Diego Ship shined in the water. A few feet away prayers went up for the ships' success. 

"May this ship be committed to vanquishing evil and injustice, and continue to protect this great nation," Navy Chaplin Mark Allison said. 

 During the christening ceremony, Northrop Grumman President Mike Petters told sailors and shipbuilders that the San Diego is an example of outstanding craftsmanship and skill.

"It is our shipbuilder's commitment to the Navy and Marines that will serve on this ship," Petters said. 

Named after California's second largest city, the San Diego ship is number six in her class and it took more than a billion dollars to build. The ship features large flight and well decks, a medical bay, and many technological gadgets. 

"What we build today will protect our country for many tomorrows and that certainly includes LPD 22." 

Keynote speaker general James Amos echoed Petters' words. He's confident the ship will carry a spirit of strength, power, and determination.

"We are certain she will engage with our friends, she will engage with our allies around the globe." United States Marine Corps General James Amos said. 

 Ship sponsor Linda Winter concluded this celebration with a famous tradition. With a swing of the champagne bottle, the ship was officially christened. Now, the San Diego ship is one step closer to helping keep our country safe on sea.

The San Diego is 77 percent complete.  Northrop Grumman officials say they expect to deliver the ship to Navy next year. 

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