Gulfport Sailor Meets President On Aircraft Carrier

Like many proud mothers, Diana Robertson does not hesitate to show off her daughter Norketa Hubbard's accomplishments.

She was just as proud when Norketa decided to join the Navy four years ago.

But when the president declared war on Iraq in March, Mrs. Robertson's pride turned into fear.

"I was frightened. I was terrified actually that they would have to go to war but I said that with God's will, they'll take care of all of them," said Robertson.

And for the last 10 months at sea, the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln were taken care of.

When the ship docked off the California coast on May 2, President Bush declared that the major fighting is over in Iraq.

What you may not have seen is Norketa shaking the hand of the commander-in-chief.

Her mother didn't see it either, but boy did she hear about it.

"She was so excited. She said she was elected that when the president approached on the boat she was elected to be the first one to greet him. She shook his hand. OK. And then she was selected to sit down and have lunch with the president and she was interviewed by other news people and she said it was thrilling," said Robertson.

And even though she's a bit of a celebrity now, her children, 7 year old Lashaun and 4 year old Semaj, have only one question for her when she returns.

"I want to ask her can I have a cat," said Lashaun.

The children disagree on the cat's name, but they, along with their grandmother, don't disagree on having a huge welcome home party.

"She loves barbecue and she loves lasagna, and cabbage greens cornbread. So definitely she's going to have a great welcoming when she comes home," said Robertson.

Norketa will be heading home to Gulfport on May 28th.

She plans to visit with her family, and then she, her husband, and the two kids will be moving to Everett, Washington , because Norketa will reenlist in the Navy for another four years.