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MS Attorney General considers lawsuit Against oil giant

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Attorney General Jim Hood wants BP to make its claims process more open and transparent. Hood told WLOX News that the many people losing business because of the spill need to see those checks sooner rather than later.

Hood added that in his conversations with BP representatives, he has found them to be open and receptive.

"There are several other demands that we have made on BP that they have actually have done," Hood said. "We worked well with them."

There is one key point the Attorney General desperately wants BP to agree to the state's request.

"We want to file our claims in state court and it makes a tremendous difference," Hood said.

The attorney general feels that if the lawsuit does come and it ends up in federal court, it means a very long drawn out process. It also would likely lead to a much smaller monetary award.

"I don't want a dime more than what we are entitled to, but I do want what is fair and just."

Hood is convinced that will only happen if the suit Mississippi might file, goes to state court. He said he is cautiously optimistic that the oil giant, if sued by the state, will agree to have that case heard in a Mississippi courtroom.

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