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President Obama to visit Gulfport; people eager to ask him questions


By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – While the burgers were sizzling at Calvert's Pharmacy in Biloxi Wednesday, the hot topic of conversation was the oil leak that still haven't been stopped.

"Our government doesn't do this type of work. They don't have the experience to handle what is going on in that water," one woman told a group sitting around one table.

"The problem is we got a major corporation sitting out there between an oil spill and its property and its leases and its obligations," a man responded.

As President Obama heads to Gulfport next week to assess the oil spill response in Mississippi, the people in the lunch crowd had some strong opinions they'd like to share with him.

"Not to shut down all the deep oil wells.  Just because one went bad, doesn't mean they're all bad.  So I would ask him that, not to put a moratorium on it," said Robert Nosacka of Chalmette, LA.

"There's so much oil in that Gulf right now, it's killing so many precious animals.  It makes me sick," said Lucille McCormick of Gulfport.  "And I think he could have done more than he's done."

Just down the road, at Fayard's BP, some drivers also expressed their views.  They want the president to play a bigger role in the disaster.

"I think I would ask him:  How come the United States couldn't come in there quicker and just override BP and just do something immediately about it, knowing it would affect waters?" said Kelly Derouen of Biloxi.

"I would ask him really how long it would take to really get the mess cleaned up," said Tenia Dedeaux of Gulfport.

While the president has a lot on his plate right now, most people said they are glad he's making a stop in Mississippi.

"I think it's great.  It's a long time overdue.  Post-Katrina, I think people look forward to seeing the president," said Bert Morris of Biloxi.

And Morris wants the president to make it easier for people who have inventions or ideas to clean-up the massive leak.  He said certain areas should be set aside for those people to demonstrate their products and then the government can decide who gets the job.

When asked if the president's visit will make a difference in Mississippi, Lucille McCormick answered "None.  None whatsoever.  He's just wasting taxpayers' money."

While on the Gulf Coast, the president also plans to visit Alabama and Florida.

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