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Scientists concerned over BP's use of the chemical Corexit


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Coast Guard says the Gulf oil spill involves "hundreds of thousands" of patches of oil. Small boats are helping capture some of those patches by using skimmers.

BP is also using dispersant chemicals to try to break up the oil. But those chemicals come with many questions about the impact on sea life, especially shrimp, crabs and oysters that we eat.

Dr. Joe Griffitt with the Gulf Coast Research Lab said the chemical Corexit is EPA approved, but the dangers of using such chemicals is still unclear.

"They started using dispersant to keep the oil from getting onshore, to keep it out of the estuaries and marshes where the fish and crabs are. That was correct choice," said Dr. Griffitt. "But the sheer size, and it hasn't stopped. It still hasn't stopped. Perhaps you can say it would have been better off if they had left it."

Dr. Griffitt said when the dispersant/oil mixture gets into the marshes and estuaries, it binds with the sediments and is difficult, if not impossible, to get out.

Click here for much more information on action the EPA is taking to monitor BP's use of dispersants on the Gulf oil.

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