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Prayer chain stretches across Gulfport beach


By Jessica Bowman – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - With oil sitting on the water's surface offshore, many people are afraid of what may happen if that oil reaches our beaches. Hundreds of people joined hands on the beach in Gulfport Sunday to pray for the protection of the Mississippi shoreline.

"We pray that you will just hear our hearts God," Jamie Traylor said.

Another man prayed, "Speak to the storm about the God in your life and that's exactly what we've come to do in faith."

Wayne Rogers and his six-year-old son were part of the prayer chain that stretched across the Gulfport beach. He said the oil spill has had a direct effect on many families in our community, so it's important to be part of the worship.

"Right now the Mississippi Gulf Coast is dealing with a storm. I mean this oil is going to affect us all," Rogers said.

As Lacey Mcarn listened to the word of God, she looked beyond the shoreline and saw a body of water that is near and dear to her heart. She has lived on the coast for many years and can't bear the thought of it being destroyed by toxic oil. That is the same thought that led her two friends to organize the prayer chain.

"It's a very special place to us and this is home to us," Mcarn said. "We want to protect our beaches and we want God to come down here and remove this oil, and for it to dissipate and just go away."

"I just want to see people leave here encouraged and believing that something great is going to happen because you know God is on our side," Jamie Traylor said.

Although there have been unconfirmed reports of oil washing up on local beaches, Rogers said prayer is what keeps him prepared. 

"We're not ones to sit there and take it lying down. We're going to fight and this is the way to do it right here," Rogers said.

Mcarn said they organized the prayer chain through Facebook invites and word of mouth. She said there were groups of people stretched along the entire Gulf Coast Sunday praying for the same thing.

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