Coast Cities Host National Day Of Prayer

With heads bowed and hearts raised to heaven, nearly 100 people gathered in front of Gulfport City Hall to pray. One minister prayed "Forgive us God, help us God, change us God, move upon us God".

Gulfport resident David Bowen brought his family along.

"This is about God and we believe in God in our family, and God comes first."

During the National Day of Prayer service, people of different faiths united in worship for our country, state and community.

"We felt like it's important to teach our boys early that God is the only one who could help in all those areas and to pray at an early age," Mary Bowen said.

Prayers took on a patriotic theme at a ceremony on the steps of Biloxi City Hall.

"We pray that we will be able to let the world know that we are still one nation under God, and we are still fighting for those things that are right and just in the world," one minister said.

General Michael Peterson of Keesler served as guest speaker.

"If you're in the military, you're always trite about no atheists in foxholes. But I tell you, when you're in harm's way, you always have a moment to think well, is it a time to pray"?

Dozens of people paused to remember the men and women who were called to duty during this time of war.

"I have a niece serving in Kuwait.  I also have children in the military, and I pray for them.  And I pray for all the people in the military. Hopefully, God will bless them and bring them back home safely," Biloxi resident Mildred Roy said.