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Jimmy Buffett working on plan to ease oil spill damage

PENSACOLA, FL (WLOX) - Jimmy Buffett, the Mississippi native whose music is synonymous with the white-sand beaches along the Gulf Coast that are now being fouled by leaked oil, says he has some ideas that may ease the oil damage.

"I'm working on a system out of Tampa with these microbes that actually eat carbon," Buffett said.

Buffett, who calls Florida home now, took a walk Saturday along Pensacola Beach with Governor Charlie Crist.  The "Margaritaville" singer's timing is a little off. He's planning to open a hotel in Pensacola Beach, Florida, in a week.

He noted that his favorite memories of the area are of sunsets in the fall.

Buffett says he wants people in the area to know that he's there for them. He says if he's good for anything, it's "helping people forget their troubles for a couple of hours."

An accomplished businessman, Buffett told reporters, he's not satisfied with the way BP has responded to the spill.

"They need to be held to task for every single piece of damage they've done, and that's all we can do now, and plug that leak," Buffett said.

"My biggest concern is the dispersants and the fact that BP buys their dispersants from Halliburton, duh! There's other things out there, other options that we're trying to pursue. And we're funding smaller boats that can get into shallow waters if recovery is necessary. So on a grass roots level, I don't want to point fingers, I just want to lend a hand."

The Pensacola hotel will be the world's first Margaritaville Beach Hotel

"I grew up in Mobile and Pensacola was the first Florida I ever saw. So to have an opportunity when this came along, to do this hotel here, I thought it was like coming back home to me. In the process, the oil spill happened," Buffett said Saturday.

The entertainer known for inspiring good times for his fans, says the people of the Gulf Coast will get through the crisis together.

"You know, before the oil spill hit, I've been hit by hurricanes in ten locations in the last two years. My song line is under bombardment, but we get through it, and so that's the way I kind of look at it. If you're at sea, and a storm comes, you don't run and -- don't run, you batten down the hatches and get through it. The storm clears. You keep going."

To read more about the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, visit www.margaritavillehotel.com.

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