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Bait shop hanging on a thin fishing line

By Doug Walker – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS  (WLOX) - At the Bait Box on the Pascagoula riverfront, the view is quiet and peaceful.  Unfortunately, the parking lot is the same, quiet and peaceful.  No customers and no business. 

Roxanna Borries owns the Bait Box, and spends the morning picking through the few shrimp she has left, wondering about the future.  "I was actually thought I was closing my doors today because my shrimp had dwindled to nothing, my customers had dwindled to nothing , my shrimp boat couldn't go shrimp, and when I ran out today I was closing the doors." 

Gary Williams is a charter boat captain who hangs around the Bait Box catching up on the news of the day.  These days, Williams says, the news is not very good, thanks to the oil spill in the Gulf.  "The damage from it is just going to be irreparable.  I'm almost having nightmares over it because it's never ever going to be like it was, say a year ago." 

Meanwhile, a few customers come in by foot, or by boat, and buy up what little bait is left, hoping to wet a line in the Gulf for perhaps the last time.  Business has gotten so bad for Roxanna and the Bait Box, she's actually done something she thought she never would do, ask for assistance from BP.  "Yesterday when I felt like I was going to close the doors today I actually did call and start the first process of it." 

Roxanna is also helping a charity river run in two weeks to help two medically stricken children.  She just hopes the river and the Gulf remain open long enough to lend the children a hand, not to mention the Bait Box.  

In addition to Borries, four other people to help her operate the Bait Box.  And if business doesn't pick up soon, they could all be looking for another job.

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