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Sydney Decker's Winning Project Homefront Essay

Congratulations to Sydney Decker, our May Project Homefront essay winner! Read her winning story below, or click here to enter your own essay. We'll pick one each month to win a family dinner and spa package.

My husband is serving with NMCB 7 and is deployed to Spain. We have two wonderful children, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 4. This deployment is especially hard on us because it will last 10 months. This is the longest amount of time we have been separated.

It is apparent that we are feeling the effects of our sailor's absence. Our children are learning at an early age how to be emotionally strong and independent individuals. Our son has continued to excel in school, as well as in Taekwondo. Our daughter graduated from preschool and had her first ballet recital. On both occasions, she whispered to me how she wishes her daddy was here to see her on stage. She also makes wishes on the first star she sees every night. She wishes that December was tomorrow so her daddy would be home.

I am a teacher that works over 40 hours a week, as well as a chauffeur that drives the kids to and from their activities. During our daily endeavors, I easily get worn down being both mom and dad all day, every day. I thank the Lord each day that we are blessed with wonderful children that understand our situation and do their best each day to keep their daddy close to their hearts.

We do special things to assure we feel our sailor's presence at home. We constantly talk about him, write letters and emails, and keep his picture at the dining room table so that when we sit to eat, he is with us. However, nothing can take the place of our sailor being at home in our arms.

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