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Obama returns to Louisiana today to assess oil leak situation

President Barack Obama returns to the Gulf Coast again today.

It's the second Friday in a row and the third time since the Coastal Crisis began in April that he's going to Louisiana to assess the damage and the response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Earlier this week, the president underscored the Administration's commitment to stopping the leak, cleaning up the oil spill and restoring the lives and livelihoods of those living in the Gulf Coast region.

"We're continuing our efforts on all fronts to contain the damage from this disaster and extend to the people of the Gulf the help they need to confront this ordeal," President Obama said Tuesday. "We've already mounted the largest cleanup effort in the nation's history, and continue to monitor -- minute to minute -- the efforts to halt or capture the flow of oil from the wrecked BP well.  Until the well is stopped, we'll multiply our efforts to meet the growing threat and to address the widespread and unbelievably painful losses experienced by the people along the Gulf Coast.  What's being threatened -- what's being lost -- isn't just the source of income, but a way of life; not just fishable waters, but a national treasure."

Hear what President Obama has to say about the oil leak, efforts to cap it, and the cleanup underway later today on WLOX.com and WLOX News.

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