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Jackson Co's EOC director wants BP to up oil-fighting efforts


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Emergency Management Director Donald Langham believes Jackson County is prepared to keep oil away from its shoreline. But Langham also wants BP to step up its efforts to fight the coastal crisis. 

Langham said the oil is closer than ever to his county. Tuesday, a strand of oil was found on Petit Bois Island, which is about ten miles off the coast of Pascagoula. 

"This has been going on for over a month now, and we are no closer to having any type of relief from it," Langham said.

 Langham and his staff have been staying on BP to provide manpower and protective gear to help Jackson County. 

"They are supposed to be going back out today, weather permitting, to clean up this oil that has affected Petit Bois Island and getting prepared to do inshore skimming operations."

Langham said BP has to stay on top of this crude oil clean up. 

"It is easier to clean it up now, instead letting it build up. The wave action in the Gulf, and the tides going in and out, it can push oil onto the beaches." 

Right now, Langham said the best line of defense to fight this oil spill is boom. There's currently 200,000 feet of boom in Jackson County's waters. 

"Everything BP and its contractors have done as far as putting boom out to protect the marshlands is still in place. They are out checking the booms on a daily basis, repositioning the ones that have been displaced due to the thunderstorm." 

Langham said he blames BP 100 percent for the oil leak. 

"I understand the frustrations of the people. I am frustrated." 

Across Jackson County, 14 miles of state waters have been closed due to the oil leak. 

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