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Who pays for damages if a hurricane pushes oil inland?

This hurricane season Mississippi Gulf Coast residents have another worry. What happens if oil is pushed on shore by an approaching storm?

We all know that following Hurricane Katrina there was a lot of confusion concerning whether it was wind or water that damaged homes along our beach front. Many residents found out they did not have the coverage they thought they had.

So what if oil is pushed ashore? Will your home or flood insurance cover you? Or will it be the responsibility of BP to cover any damages to property where oil is involved.

If it is the responsibility of BP, should the state get some signed document outlining BP's responsibility in the event oil comes ashore.

Now is the time for state insurance commissioner Mike Chaney and other state officials to explore these issues.

Knowledge is power and home owners deserve to know if they will have any coverage from oil being pushed ashore. In the coming days we hope our insurance commissioner will let coast residents know what they should do if oil is washed ashore.

While we don't really want to think about a hurricane this season, or oil being pushed ashore, we do know that preparation is the key to surviving any catastrophe. Knowing about our insurance coverage is part of the plan all of us need to hear more about.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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