Grand Jury Wants Jail Review

A Harrison County grand jury says the county needs a better way to oversee maintenance and repair costs at the county jail.

The board of supervisors accepted a grand jury report Tuesday which says the county should conduct a yearly review of the jail and youth court facilities.

That report urges the county to hire an outside expert each year, to help determine exactly what maintenance and repair work is needed at the jail.

Sheriff George Payne welcomes the formal oversight. "I love oversight. And this is simply a system of oversight that keeps us all in this partnership of working together. Making sure that the facility is maintained. Nobody is going to be pointing the finger and saying it's this one's fault or that one's fault."

Board of supervisors president, Bobby Eleuterius, also supports the idea.

"We'll have an expert go in and meet with the sheriff and his staff and report back to the board at least once a year, maybe even every six months. And keep us on top of problems out there so we could be safe. Not only for the inmates, but for the public itself," said Eleuterius.

The supervisors recently approved the sheriff's request to spend more than three million dollars on maintenance and repair work at the county jail.