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Congressman Taylor still favors offshore drilling


By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Fourth District Congressman Gene Taylor is as frustrated as anyone about the BP oil spill.

"The oil companies are supposed to have a plan in place to keep this from happening and a place in place to respond immediately," Taylor told WLOX News. "Obviously, they did not keep it from happening and their response thus far has been inadequate."

Congressman Taylor said as awful as this has been, it is important that people keep it in perspective.

"This is not Katrina. This is terrible, but this is not Katrina. There will not be 47,000 Mississippi families homeless tonight as there were the night after Katrina," he said.

Taylor knows the Gulf oil leak is a setback for offshore drilling business. Drilling offshore has always been controversial, but Taylor has not changed the stance he has had since day one.

"I was for offshore drilling, and I remain for offshore drilling," Taylor said.

The congressman said we are a country immensely dependent upon oil. For a graphic example, he pointed to our Navy on the high seas.

"The typical destroyer burns over ten million gallons of fuel a year. So just put it into perspective, the huge amount of oil that is funneling our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq to fuel the 287 surface combatants in the Navy."

Taylor said if offshore drilling stops, then our nation becomes even more dependent upon the Middle East and other parts of the world, for much of our oil. And he believes that's not a good thing.

Taylor knows, as well as anyone, there are many Americans staunchly opposed to offshore drilling. But his believes as the price of gas goes up, the opposition becomes smaller. He claims if gas gets to $4 a gallon again, people are going to be calling for drilling everywhere.

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