Quiz Bowl Teams Compete At Community College

Quiz bowl teams from ten high schools competed at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Tuesday.

The questions included everything from Greek mythology to popular rock and roll bands.

Competition at the Jeff Davis campus tested the knowledge of team members along with their quickness in sounding the buzzer.

The high school students made it look easy. But the questions were certainly a challenge. Especially the math problems.

"Answer these questions about the human body," said the moderator, as the academic competition began.

Quiz bowl brings out the best of the brightest. Ten schools are involved. And all bring their "A" teams, as in all "A's" on the report card.

Trevor Ott says his Gulfport team practiced plenty.

"Starting last October we would meet weekly and just go over questions. But lately we just go to the competition and just wing it," he said.

Every question finds anxious hands holding the buzzer. Knowing the answer doesn't matter much if you can't buzz in first.

"That can be nerve wracking. Because a lot of times you'll know the question, you'll ring in and you think you get it, and someone else picks up on it," said Josh Cotton of Pass Christian High.

Winning the quiz bowl is about more than just bragging rights. Winners also take home some handsome hardware for their school's trophy case.

With so many subjects covered, it takes teamwork to achieve.

Marty Winnard doesn't have a favorite subject.

"I don't have a specialty myself. I'm kind of a general purpose guy. But it is important to have specialty team members. Otherwise you have no chance at certain elements of the question," explained the Gulfport High team member.

Kassie Hillard says Quiz Bowl gives her a glimpse of another competition. Many of the students will compete for scholarship dollars.

"It's kind of fun because you hear the different strengths of different people. And knowing these are probably the people I'm going to be competing with for the colleges," said Hillard.

Gulfport High took top honors at the competition.  Long Beach High was runner up, with the team from St. Martin finishing third.