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Charter boat captains react to more federal waters closing

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Despite the closure of more federal waters, charter boat captains docked at Biloxi's Point Cadet Marina say they're still opportunities to keep their businesses afloat.

"For the majority of our trips, we can fish probably 65% of the time in state waters.  Probably 75% of our federal waters are still open so we're not limited say as bad as Louisiana," says Jay Trochesset.

But, captains like Trochesset and Tom Becker say the reality is if people think there's a problem, they won't book business.

"We're suffering right now because of the unknown..and then the perception is really killing us because we're not booking trips down the road," says Trochesset.

Trochesset says he's only booked three trips since the explosion in the Gulf. Normally, by this time, he'd be up by 35 to 40 bookings this month.

But, instead of focusing their attention on business they don't have, the two are putting their energy into giving those who do come the best experience he can offer in hopes of hooking more repeat customers.

"We had people from Las Vegas visiting their family, and they took them out fishing and they enjoyed it, and they have never seen anything like it," says Becker.

But, the reality is optimism can only go so far when thousands of gallons of oil are still leaking into the Gulf.

"I've been telling everybody the glass is half full not half empty, and I'd like to keep believing that. But, in order to keep believing that we need to stop the leak soon.

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