Your Virtual Guide To The 2000 Olympic Games

WLOX Sports has your virtual seat to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It's all here: highlights, records, histories and how-tos for every sport in the Games. We'll link you to the most comprehensive on-line spectator's guides for every event, including latest news, features, history, rules, records, even a sports glossary and step-by-step technical details on all 28 sports in the Games.

The background on the legacy of the Modern Olympic Games is better than ever. We'll link you to everything you ever wanted to know about staging the Games, including detailed information on the Torch Relay, the Arts Festivals, the mascots and the buzz of the behind-the-scenes activities.

We've also found the perfect fan's forum that way you can chat about your favorite sports or players. Plus, we've located the perfect website so you can e-mail your favorite Olympic athletes as well as view their personal web pages.

We'll also link you to the most comprehensive guides to Sydney and the land Down Under.