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Roasting coffee beans in Long Beach


By David Elliott – bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Bankhouse Coffee is located inside the old Hancock Bank building on Jeff Davis Avenue in Long Beach. It's not your typical coffee shop. Shawn Montella owns  Bankhouse and actually roasts his own beans.

"We import raw beans from all over the world and roast them in a historic roaster," said Montella.

A 90-year-old coffee roaster sits in a building behind the coffee shop. The machine roasts beans the old fashioned way.

"This is a classic. You won't find many of these around, especially this size. It has a roast different from any other machine," said Montella, as he poured beans into the roaster.

The beans are cooked by a flame and the irresistible smell of fresh coffee fills the air. Montella said that aroma has become famous in Long Beach.

"People come in and say they can smell it down the street," Montella said. "It brings them into the shop."

Montella buys huge burlap sacks filled with beans straight from the Port of New Orleans. He said the key is freshness

"It's fresh roasted versus commercial coffee. We roast several days a week for the ultimate freshness."

Montella started a company called The Coast Roast. He sells bags of fresh coffee in his Long Beach shop and makes special house blends for restaurants in Mississippi and Louisiana.

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